We believe that the best solution to deliver your peace of mind is to provide one-on-one representation; a full-time, dedicated, experienced and high performing project manager will oversee your new luxury home. We walk you through every phase of the project to ensure your expectations are not only met, but exceeded.

Our CoConstruct™ software will allow you to monitor all the cost and scheduling details. It’s an “open book” for you to analyze the performance of Cupic Custom Homes and the evolution of your new home.

Upon contract signing, you will be given CoConstruct™ login credentials for access via the secure client portal.



• Quiet
• Outstanding School System
• Easy Access
• Community
• Lot Review: Size, shape, access
• Access to Houston’s best destinations


• Top Architects, Designers &

   Cupic Construction Team



• Project Manager
• Craftsmen
• Safety
• Clean site


• CoConstruct™ Client online access to
   project timeline, budget, schedule,
   images and construction updates



• Installation of moldings, framing, doors
  and windows, cabinets and interior doors

• Curated selection of fixtures, fireplace
  mantels, faucets and lighting.

• Flooring

• Thorough clean up


• Move-in services available

• Home Maintenance Program available  
   through Village Home Services


“How much will it cost?”
When I answer the phone to a new client, this is often a burning question they need an answer to quickly: “how much do you typically charge per square foot to build a new home?”

My concern has always been incredibly high standards, transparency and no surprises. So, rule 1 for luxury homebuilding: make sure you know what isn’t in the bid and should be. The Cupic checklist was developed with our customers in mind and it sets the standard for building a custom home.

Cost drivers, the Pareto Principle and Cupic Custom Home’s New Home Estimating Tool
The real cost drivers of a new build luxury home. The Pareto Principle, in effect, says 80% of the effects come from 20% of the causes. So, 80% of the cost for a new luxury build should come from 20% of the features and specifications. We built a comprehensive spreadsheet model to test this assumption and to develop a sophisticated early estimating tool to answer the “how much per square foot?” question very early in our clients’ discovery process.

It’s your choice
Most potential clients quickly understand that the decisions that they make during the design phase can easily have a huge impact on the budget. The selection of higher end features and finishes can change the basic cost of a home at $400 per square foot to $600 per square foot.

We work with you to ensure that the features and finishes fall in-line with your exacting requirements.

Our estimates include a builder’s fee and a contingency fee. The contingency fee covers any anticipated problems or changes in design so that our clients feel comfortable making adjustments as the job progresses and reduces a lot
of stress. With project planning in mind, other considerations include; outdoor entertaining, and landscaping, or a pool, which can add a lot of value to your home.

What does the extra money buy me?
Cupic delivers fastidious attention to detail. We weave a story into every custom home we build. Special features that have a history for the new family, for example special materials or fixtures that may have come from a childhood dwelling or barn that provides an emotional connection; perhaps unusual pieces from Europe, Asia, or elsewhere. Additionally, with a Cupic Custom home, you also get an appreciating asset. The higher the quality and better the build, the more the investment is valued.
Finally, we don’t think about building a home with a life expectancy. We build it to stay in your family for more than one generation. To echo a phrase from one of the best luxury watchmakers, Patek Phillipe: “You never actually own a Custom Home, you merely look after it for the next generation.”

Shane Cupic