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“Building quality custom homes and lasting
relationships are the foundation of our business.”
- Shane Cupic, Owner

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Design and Build luxury custom homes that not only inspire the neighborhood, but remain a testament to building innovation and craftsmanship for generations to come.


Cupic Custom Homes is a family owned and operated business. Owner, Shane Cupic, is a graduate of Texas A&M University with a degree in Economics.

What he did to learn about luxury home building:

Prior to launching Cupic Custom Homes, Shane was the Superintendent for two major San Antonio home-builders. He managed the client relationships and established the importance of strong vendor relationships to deliver distinctive homes.

It was during this period of his professional career that he developed a vision for how luxury homes should be built. This was the foundation for his future company.

In 2012 he launched Cupic Custom Homes with three principles:

·       Design by Houston’s finest architects that blend traditional design and “Futureproof” technology

·       Traditional craftsmen that embody the CCH values of “Fastidious Attention to Detail” and safety

·       Personal client relationships with an “open book” policy, giving clients peace of mind.

Cupic Custom Homes is a true custom home-builder; not limiting our clients to specific floor plan fixtures or finishes, providing they meet our exacting standards. We believe that building luxury custom homes is about beautiful and functional design, NOT more square feet. Every house is a prototype; the vision and form must be translated from a concept on paper to a functioning living environment—every step in your new home a welcoming, each transition creating anticipation, and every view an aesthetic delight.

The details are well thought out and only true craftsmen perform the work. It is how we ensure that each home will become a lasting testament to our name as a builder and your experience as a Cupic homeowner.

The Cupic team will deliver all aspects of building the home of your dreams including property location, permitting, architectural design, engineering, and product/finish selections. Cupic has developed relationships with Houston’s finest craftsmen, suppliers and resources locally as well as internationally with decorative arts imported from Paris and Milan.



If you want a unique and beautiful home built by Houston No.1 luxury home-builder, then contact us

or give us a call at 832.940.0831

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